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About Us

So, you’ve been thinking about this for ages.  You want to buy property. Or you want to build a new home.  Or refinance.  Or remodel.  Maybe all of it.  Maybe even more! 

We understand.  Dreams have a way of getting everybody excited.  And that’s pretty great. 

Yes, you’ll find all the real estate loan products and services under our roof.  You’re all find neighbors who are experts at all aspects of real estate.  Best of all, you’ll immediately receive our Number One Product:  Showing You Respect. 

Converse County Bank is fully committed to your happiness and wellbeing.  Because you’ve taught us “What goes around, comes around.  You get back what you give out.”  This sage advice is the backbone for all we do.

Now you have specific questions.  Good.  Because we have specific answers.  How to start?  Call us.  Come visit.  The coffee’s fresh and hot.  I think there may even be some sweet rolls around here somewhere…

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